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How Much Will a S-video Cable Improve My Dvd Picture?

IF you plug the S-video into your Old TV set without the rf modulator you will see an improvement, specifically in the sharpness and COLOR... If you connect it to an RF modulator, you just negated all the improvement of the S-Video cable completely.... The purpose of the S-Video cable is to keep the Color separated from the black-and-white signal, so INTERMODULATION does not occur (that's mixing of the black and white signal with the color) It's kinda like chocolate milk...You can not UN-Mix the milk from the chocolate, and the same applies to both of those signals....

How Much Will a S-video Cable Improve My Dvd Picture? 1

1. Console vs PC?? (also referring to Totalhalibut's video)?

Console VS PC what I do not get is how on earth can a PC be smoother to play I played a fighting game on the PC and it's freaking hard as also the adventure games the console was much easier in my opinion the gaming experience in consoles can never be the same as the PC. And I do not want to start a war but PC games are great but 1 PC only 1 to 2(split screen or both in the game in one screen if ever it reach 4 it is just mess up and flash games do not count on my statement) gaming CONSOLE? 1 console 1 to 4 players to make my statement short console good in all genres more players at once and PC not all and needs more than 1 for a full fun experience but do not get me wrong I can not imagine the PC never being invented and oh yeah PC has no motion controls guess I should add that and do not get a new computer you said it yourself it was not meant for gaming and you use for PS3 like always all the time so the PC would not be in use most of the time

2. Is it worth buying the S-Video cables for my PS3?

you are actually not likely to work out plenty distinction between the $20 HDMI cables and the $a hundred HDMI cables. it is all digital circulate and maximum HDTVs have records errors correction in case of electromagnetic interference, so the adaptation is minimum. in my opinion, I also have a $7 HDMI cable bought from Amazon connecting my PS3 to my Sony XBR4 HDTV. i've got executed the comparisons with a $a hundred cable and back it as quickly as i found out it did no longer make a great distinction between that and the $7 cable

How Much Will a S-video Cable Improve My Dvd Picture? 2

3. Can you use a portable digital recorder to record audio directly to a dslr's video track without having to sync it in post?

You can use one to record in parallel if that's any help! I use a Zoom H2N. I can record directly from this, or plug in an external mic, and while recording on the H2N also output the audio to the camera's audio-in/mic input. The thing is that the camera will still mangle the audio a little due to auto levelling... So I still sync in post! You can not in general (as far as I am aware) output the audio from the digital recorder and have the camera lay this down directly digitally with the video without D-A-A-D translation!

4. What's the video en youtube of a woman that is talking on the phone and suddenly someone with a knife...?

sounds reminiscent of psycho

5. What is a S-Video cable?

It is IF your TV and PC have s-video ports. Read the manuals to find out what kind of video out on the pc and video jn on the tv you have

6. Can a S-Video cable carry Audio (Sound)?

no you have to use speakers that plug into your sound card s-video plugs into your video card

7. Play .Avi with dvd player? S-video card to tv?>?

disable the onboard graphics chipset via the bios

8. If I plug my 360 into my PCs Video Card with an S Video Cable would the 360 display on the monitor?

That will NEVER work. The VGA jack on the video card is built to SEND OUT video signals ONLY. It is NOT built to RECEIVE. You CANNOT connect your XBox 360 to your video card. If you want to use your monitor as a display for your XBox 360, you MUST directly connect the XBox 360 to the monitor, either using an HDMI cable if your monitor has an HDMI jack, or the XBox 360 HDAV VGA cable (sold separately) if your monitor only has old VGA.

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