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Is S-Video Better Better Than RCA for a Satellite Receiver?

The grainy comes from the RCA cables....they are not heavily shielded and pick up 'interference'. You can either get a better grade RCA cable....or yes...you can go with a S-VHS cable for higher resolution. I have my DirecTv hooked up via S-VHS and it does look better.

Is S-Video Better Better Than RCA for a Satellite Receiver? 1

1. When I connect my laptop to the stereo receiver w/ an S-Video cable, the projector image has horizontal line?

This is ground noise; your cable or the receiver are not grounded properly. You may want to try another s-video cable (different brand)

2. In Hillsong's video "Take all of me", there's a clip of Brother Andrew (5:50). Where is it originally from?

Give your all to Jesus. Romans 10:9 SDA

Is S-Video Better Better Than RCA for a Satellite Receiver? 2

3. My Cousin's Computer doesn't have a S Video Port.?

There are many option (Depending by your luck): 1. If the pc is new it probably has a DVI-D port, this is the best way to connect an HDMI television, even better than S-Video 2. If it has a rgb port you can use an rgb cable 3. Some television have a pc screen port... check it out 4. Buy a new video card for the pc The only reason to change the pc is if the video card will cost too much and the computer is old...

4. Upscaling composite vs. s-video to HDMI?

Theoretically an S video signal upscaled should look better than a composite signal upscaled but a lot depends on the quality and build of the upscale box involved...they are not all the same and some do a better job that others....but also most of the time a component signal especially processed by a good converter will look a whole lot better than either composite or S Video as a good Component signal will be 720P native most of the time the trouble is newer converters will only process a 480P signal coming over component nd if you try 720P they will not work so it depends on what equipment is involved and how it works.

5. Goverment killing 90% of the usa people fema coffin's [video]?

? take a deep breath and start again

6. Why does an s-video to rca cable have the white n red rca plugs if s-video only transmitts audio?

It is most likely that that is not a S-Video cable but a multimedia cable designed for use with certain electronics that use extra pins in it to transmit audio as well. Also, if this is the case, it is not transmitting true S-Video, but composite video, which is of slightly poorer quality

7. Pc to TV S-Video and Dvi Issues?

It appears like not straight away you have the wiring incorrect. Double verify the instruction manual for the television AND the cardboard! this could inform you precisely the thank you to connect which gadget in what way

8. S-video, HDMI, component cables, which is better and why?

HDMI is the best, component is good and as the other person said, will carry an HD signal. Though it will only carry 720P/1080i, NOT 1080P. But I doubt that Sylvania tv is 1080P anyways so that should not be an issue. But Bluray should still look great.

9. How can I use S-video output from laptop to TV?

if your tv is not a high-def, then the picture quality isnt going to be that great

10. Who was the woman who played the guitar on Bo Diddley's video from the early 60's, the song Bo Diddley

I do not have an answer, but might be able to offer a clue. She was introduced as "Lady Bo." Hope it helps

11. What's the meaning of Paramore's video for "Playing God?"?

Playing God Lyrics

12. Where can I buy audio and S-video Y adapters?

In the US, the most common audio adapters, such as RCA 'Y' cables, are available in many stores that also sell electronics accessories. Radio Shack has those, as well, along with other not-so-common ones. But there are many more that are so esoteric that they do not move much in stores. For those, I've had to rely on mail-order companies (which are much more available now with the Internet) such as MCM Electronics, RNJ Electronics, Hosfelt Electronics, Newark Electronics (which sells items more for professional applications). Whether they ship to the UK is something I do not know. But I can tell you that anyone making an S-Video 'Y' adapter is ripping you off. Realistically, there is no such thing, and if one is, it wo not work well. A 'Y' cable would allow it to be terminated at two locations resulting in a net 37.5 ohms which would cause the video to be washed out. Audio is not so rigidly defined and you can exercise some leeway. But for video, you need a distribution amp that will provide 2 or more outputs without reducing the level of any of them.

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