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How to Go to a Specific Time of a Video Clip Quickly in Youtube?

You can also do this on iPhone by sending link in an email to yourself, but before sending add &t=xmxs to the end of the link before sending. Then copy the received email link. I tried for like an hour and found this to be the only way it worked on iPhone

How to Go to a Specific Time of a Video Clip Quickly in Youtube? 1

1. is there a way for a video clip to become a still picture?

Capturing a Photo from Video is possible, however as stated earlier it will produce a lower quality image. The main reason for this however is that DV tape is generally interlaced, meaning that footage from the next/previous frame is intertwined with that frame. In more expensive editing softwares such as Adobe, Final Cut, Avid there are options to De-Interlace the frame, which will make it one whole frame.

2. How is Obama the best choice for America with his ties to ACORN shown in this video clip?

I am in no way for or against Senator Obama but I believe that since this /is/ a campaign ad that it is probably either slightly out of text or exaggerated. You have to wonder if he really had that close of an affiliation with ACORN in general as well as in the sense that he was involved with any of the decision making for all those bad loans, etc

How to Go to a Specific Time of a Video Clip Quickly in Youtube? 2

3. What video clip has a police officer as the main character, that get caught ina nuclear blast in NYC? Animated

And search your video there

4. I am looking for a music video clip which has a partying monkey in it. Anyone know the song?

Bloodhound Gang " The Bad Touch" maybe ?

5. what type of file is a video clip file? a "AVI" "DVD" "MP4" "3GP" "MPEG" "MOV" "WMV" "RM" or "SWF"

on my camera it shows films as avi or thm

6. How do I get a FLV file I down loaded to play a video clip on the media player on windows vista?

You need an FLV player program to play the FLV you downloaded. The program i use is linked below. In 1 of the options menu in that program you can check "associate with flv files" which means from that point on you can simply double click an flv file and it will automatically load in that player (you might have to do file open for the vid to play if you dont do this option)

7. Can i edit (retouch) a video clip?

If you want to make a change such as making a nose bigger (or smaller) in a complete video clip, then it can be a very time consuming process unless you have access to a very powerful commercial editing system. For the normal home video, it is normally a case of isolating each frame, and editing it in a normal photo editor, then chaining the frames together back into a video clip. It is very difficult to get every frame to follow on perfectly from the previous frame. You also have to make sure that the sound track continues through the edited clip. About 18 months ago I used Roxio Media Creator to produce a video of a wedding. Much of the video was recorded with an unattended HD video camera on a tripod. The HD camera was set to a fairly wide angle shot, and the final video was created in standard definition. As the camera was running unattended, all the panning and zooming in the video was introduced in the Roxio software. There were also a number of people taking still photographs at various points during the ceremony, and these were available to me to incorporate into my final video. As might be expected with a camera on a tripod, there were a number of occasions where people walked in front of the camera. I covered these incidents by substituting appropriate still images at the appropriate points. I arranged for the Roxio software to include slow pans or zooms on the still image, so that it maintained the feeling that this was a video and not a slide show. I also retained the original sound track while the still shots were showing. This meant that the substitute image sequence had to be exactly the same length as the video sequence it was replacing. Another trick is to use other video clips to replace the picture while keeping the original sound track. For example, during a long church sermon, filmed inside a church, you could include a picture sequence showing the outside of the church while the sound track continues with the actual sermon. I hope this gives you some tips on what you might try.

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