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Video Clip to GIF Converter?

Windows movie maker should actually be able to do that. Or if you have adobe illustrator, I believe it can do that. Otherwise, check Download.com for freeware programs that can help you.

Video Clip to GIF Converter? 1

1. How do I transfer a small video clip from VHS recorder to my pc--do I need a special cable?

A cable is not enough: you need an adapter that will take the video output and convert it into a digital data stream. I've listed some devices in the sources section below. They come with software for recording video to files on your PC. They also let you watch TV on your computer

2. Did anyone see the video clip with the son who slapped his mom in the face and told her to SHUT UP??

If that had been my son who slapped me, he would be grounded for 3-5 months, lost his driving privileges and gotten a spanking from me or my husband. He would learn never to hit me again

Video Clip to GIF Converter? 2

3. How do people make videos that go with music? Like, they'll use pictures to go with some video clip?

I have used a programme called Pinnacle which is very easy to use. You drop and drag your photos and insert a music track

4. how do I get a video clip off one computer and put it on another computer to burn to disc?

if the clip is .mpg / .avi etc., just copy it as data to a flash drive or a CD and load it into th e 2nd computer. If the vid file is an image (.iso) like a full movie it will not fit on a flash drive or a CD. You could try making a data DVD for the transfer. If this does not help, give more details on the vid format and size for a better answer.

5. How do I edit my video clip?

This is going to be a lot more work than you probably want to put forth for such a simple change. If you just want to capture a screen shot and edit it in Photoshop, this can be done fairly easily with some working knowledge in PS. If you are talking about editing the entire movie and returning it to DVD format, you are in for quite a bit of self-training as CGI is not easy... However, you can start with some basics of Adobe Premiere...

6. Did anyone see the video clip with the son who slapped his mom in the face and told her to SHUT UP??

I think they will need long term professional help. This child has moved passed any idea of preserving the family when he is willing to say and do these things on camera and FOR the camera. Sadly, most abused children try to protect their parents. Noah wanted her to admit to a whole host of things and kept saying he had a picture of his broken nose. Who knows what he would have done if he had gotten her to admit to any of that. He is probably on line now buying each DVD transcript to show to Child Protective Services. Whether she did anything to deserve it or not, she needs to sleep with one eye open!!!

7. Christians, could you please give your opinions on this short video clip?

I wish someone would do that to Dr.Laura

8. Is it possible to extract the value of g (the gravitational constant of a planet) from a video clip?

It's actually very easy to calculate. If you know a given height, you can time the time taken for an object to fall. We know the acceleration due to gravity on the Moon, it is 1/6th that of Earth so it's 9.8/6=1.6m/s Using S=Utat ....................since U=0 t=S/a On Earth, an object falling from 20cm will hit the ground in 0.2 seconds. On the Moon the same fall will take 0.5 seconds. At a film speed of 25 frames per second the Earth fall will last for 5 frames. The Moon fall will last for 12.5 frames. A pretty obvious difference. Anyone who can not tell the difference is blind or stupid.

9. How Do I Put A Video Clip Into My PSP?

you have to get a psp memory stick with a usb cable find a mpeg 4 or avc file clip to download it onto and finished

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