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Is There a Way for a Video Clip to Become a still Picture?

My camcorder allows me to play my tape and press the photo button and it saves the frame to the memory stick

Is There a Way for a Video Clip to Become a still Picture? 1

1. How is Obama the best choice for America with his ties to ACORN shown in this video clip?

All the McCain supporters should go to ACORN and praise the Holy "That One" and have them register you 40 or 50 times and then go use all your votes for McCain

2. When should you use the workflow of moving a video clip onto the Source Monitor vs Timeline in Premiere Pro (could trimming videos on the Source Monitor have more merits than doing it on the timeline, etc.)?

The source monitor is where you choose which part of a shot you wish to use. It would be very inefficient to put the entire shot in the timeline. Once you move the shot into the timeline, you need to see it in context against the previous and subsequent shots in order to determine how well the transition from one shot to the next works. That's where the trim function comes in. You "massage" the edit points until the cuts feel correct. So to summarize, roughly grab the portion of the shot by auditioning that in the source monitor. Then add that portion of the shot to the timeline, watch the shot in conjunction with your assembled sequence and then finesse. The entire fundamental theory of montage is based on the juxtaposition of shots and you can not tell that by simply viewing a clip on its own in the Source monitor

Is There a Way for a Video Clip to Become a still Picture? 2

3. Does anyone know the name of the song in this video clip?

Frederic Chopin's fantasie impromptu in c# minor (C sharp Minor). Second is a movement from Beethoven's moonlight sonata. Third one, I forget just now, but it's a fairly popular one (i.e. I think Mozart)... Fourth is from Claude Debussy's "Deux Arabesques". 5 is Beethoven's "Fur Elise". 6 is arpeggio from Franz Liszt's "etudes de Paginini". So probably attributed to Paganini. And I have no clue what your finale is.

4. dividing a video clip by 4 areas

This can be done using ffmpeg with its crop filter. Using a command line tool makes it easy to automate the process or run it from another program or script. It also has a library API.These commands will create the four videos, one for each quadrant, each with a full copy of the audio. (Use -an instead of -acodec copy to drop the audio.) You can use any supported video format in place of mp4.crop parameters = width : heigth : start x-axis : start y-axis.

5. Man did not land on the moon (video clip included): Which facts are wrong and which are right?

Since when do trolls call themselves "theorists"? Ohh... I get it... that is short for "conspiracy theorist". Never mind. The part about believing is quite telling, though. This is more about religion than knowledge. Well, can not argue with faith, no Sir! Anyway. I believe according to Yahoo rules I have to answer the question. 1) The US went to the moon and won the political stunt. 2) The USSR gave up after the political stunt was over. 3) We never had total nuclear war. Which is pretty much what Kennedy had in mind when he initiated the program. 4) Everybody won. 5) I know scientists who work with moon-rocks. And somehow I can not help myself but to think they would be very pissed if they could not see tell-tale signs that those actually came from the moon but looked like something from someone's back yard. :-)

6. how do you down load a saved video clip on to psp from my computer?

Theres a program called 'psp video 9',google it...very easy to use...hope this helps

7. i want to watch the video clip of when t.i. and new new was kissing an put it on my myspac page?

Yeah, that part was romantic, but I am not sure you can just get any old video clip from any movie offa the web. I do not know. Good luck. p.s. try Bigoo.com

8. need to capture a single frame from a video clip?

You can use the print screen button on your keyboard and crop it. that is the easiest way, as you do not need any other software

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