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Our Favourite Berlin Stores

It was Fashion Week again in our capital Berlin. On Tuesday, the 3rd July 2018 a lot of big and small designers started to present their spring/summer collections for 2019. This year a big topic: Sustainability in the fashion industry.

Our Favourite Berlin Stores 1

8 out of 10 items of clothing ends up in the bin after only one life cycle instead of being recycled and made into new clothes. Designer Ina Budde wants to change this and founded her start-up circular.fashion.

circular.fashion proposes a simple circular model for the fashion industry and wants to increase the amount of clothes that are recycled without losing quality. Sustainability in the fashion industrycircular.

fashion sees themselves as an advisor who explains how clothes can be recycled with the least amount of material consumption and the best quality to everyone from designers to customers. Customers are being made aware of what to do with their old and worn-out garments. Recycling companies are shown the best way to recycle clothes with the least amount of material consumption possible.

The material suppliers are also being told how they can reduce waste. This also helps the designers in their work process because they can already think about how their designs can produce the least waste possible. circular.

Our Favourite Berlin Stores 2

fashion is also working on free return labels that can be printed out online so that customers can send their old clothes back to the start-up that then gives the clothes to the best recyclers. Sustainability is not yet given in the fashion industry but it should be! Ina Buddes circular.

fashion is definitely a good start to prolong the life of a lot of garments. Stores und labels from Berlin Our 5 top picksOf course Sugartrends also has some stores in Berlin. That is why we want to show you some cool and special stores from Berlin that you definitely should check out on your next city break in the capital.

Colorblind PatternsFirst, there is Colorblind Patterns on Antwerpener Strae 46 in Berlin, Wedding. Colorblind Patterns uses only black and white patterns and creates beautiful backpacks and bags by hand. The patterns are designed by Daniel Arab and are inspired by oriental design and Berlin architecture.

A total of 27 patterns are printed on high-quality cotton before they are processed. The geometric prints stimulate thinking and everyone sees something different in them. Colorblind Pattern is definitely different from other shops and stands out due to its special concept.

Our favourite product is the pouch with pattern 21. Amy and Kurt BerlinOur next insider tip in Berlin is Amy and Kurt Berlin on Andreasstrae in Berlin, Friedrichshain. The label was founded by Christina, graphic and web designer, and Nico, photographer and photo editor.

Together they create beautiful art prints, posters, wall clocks, notebooks, cups, tea towels, bed linen and much more. Since 2013 there is the label Amy and Kurt already and Christina and Nico have a lot of fun realising their ideas together. We like the different art prints and the world map best.

NOVeL Concept Studio for sustainable designIn Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg you will find NOVeL Concept Studio for sustainable design. Here, you will find local designers who are trying to gain a foothold in the industry, but also some who already own an established label. What is important for the owners is that all products are manufactured locally and under fair conditions.

NOVeLs own brand Mio Animo is sold here among others. Mio Animo means my heart and soul and thats exactly what designer Anne-Kristin Gckel puts into her label. The collections are all produced in-house to meet the owners high demands for sustainability and quality.

The garments are timeless and combine a touch of colour with modern forms. This way, you do something for the environment and have fun with beautiful creations at the same time.avia & amicaThe next store whose concept has convinced us is avia & amica.

This store has the most beautiful fashion for pregnant women and their best friend. At avia & amica in Berlin, Schneberg you will find everything from basic and casual to festive for special occasions. At avia & amica you will find tops, jeans, blouses, underwear and jackets and soon even sportswear for the 9 exciting months of pregnancy ahead.

In addition, there are also clothes for the companion and best friend in this store, so that both get their moneys worth when shopping. KAALEE StoreThe last store we present to you today is KAALEE Store from Berlin Friedrichshain. Here you can find a selection of clothes from selected labels.

In addition, there is geometric jewellery from our own brand KAALEE jewelry, which complements the existing collections wonderfully. The jewellery is made of fair and sustainable products and is handmade. Whether youre looking for new basics or inspiration for a modern look, KAALEE has it all!

Of course, there are many other nice little shops in Berlin where you will find fashionable clothes and extraordinary gifts for your loved ones. On our website, you can view all our stores in Berlin and order your favourite pieces online. So you can get to know our capital Berlin slowly and comfortably away from the mainstream.

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