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What's the Video with 3 Mariah Careys Singing Together?

I think you are talking about Heartbreaker...lol, but to be honest wit u, i dont know

What's the Video with 3 Mariah Careys Singing Together? 1

1. When using your PC through a television is it best to use VGA or S-VIDEO?

vga is best for the graphics...if you use an s-video cord it will display but it can be pixelated and hard to read...so id say go with VGA

2. Why did Trump say he didn't remember knowing about the disbanding of the pandemic response team when there's video that shows him explaining why he did so? Is it early-onset Alzheimer's or something else?

Have you forgotten that Trump is a pathological liar? Whenever confronted with something that could pin him down with blame he deflects with lie to get himself 'off the hook'. He's done this over his whole life

What's the Video with 3 Mariah Careys Singing Together? 2

3. My HDTV only has an S-Video out, cable box has S-Video IN and HDMI slot, what do I do?

If you have an HDTV it is impossible for it to only have s video. You may have an EDTV (enhanced) which is not really hi def and garbage. If you have an HDTV you at minimum have a component output red,gree,blue cables and those will give you a hi def signal. The difference between Svideo and component is striking. and if you had an HDMI slot it would be a little better than component but depending on the size of your TV you may not notice that difference

4. Does the Lenovo T60p vga port support an S-video signal?

According to this and this it looks like you are out of luck. They recommend going with the dock (big and bulky) or a vga-to-svideo converter as you mentioned in your post.Edit: I would like to add that there are a lot of VGA-to-HDMI solutions which should solve your problem. If your T60P shipped with a VGA-DVI adapter, you should be able to buy a DVI-HDMI cable fairly cheap and then connect VGA-DVI-HDMI

5. Is there a cable that goes from HDMI to either S-Video or Standard RCA Cables?

No such cable exists because it is impossible without a converter to take a digital signal and make it analog

6. In Lady Ga Ga's video I swear i saw part of her Vagina anyone else?

Why was it so disgusting...the rumor mills were churning out rumours that she was in fact a male ..so she did what she thought she had to do!!!

7. What's the video about why you should be vegitarian?

There's "Vegucated" "Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead" "Forks Over Knives" "Food Matters" "Dying to Know" and "The Gerson Miracle" on Netflix "The Beautiful Truth" (which you can see in its entirety on youtube OR Netflix) Honey, there is more than just one video, and more than just the morality reason to become vegetarian or pescetarian or vegan.

8. Why won't my S video cable that is plugged in from my laptop to my HDTV work?

First off... Remember that S-Video is only as good as S-Video. S-Video output needs to be enabled on your video card for it to work... Usually found in your computer's Display Settings. Most video cards will not let you enable the S-Video unless your screen resolution is set to 640x480 or 800x600 (Try setting your screen to that first) The source may need to be enabled to have the option to enable the source --- Yes that does sound worder wrong, but it is not . Many video cards will not give you the option to enable the S-Video output unless the S-Video is connected to a device that is turned on. Some newer TVs do not seem to be detected by the video cards, so the video card will keep the option to turn on the s-video grayed out an inaccessible. HOWEVER --- if you can connected to a device that allows you to enable the s-video.... you can then enable it. It will stay on even if you disconnect the wire and can move it to the TV that was not automatically detected.

9. What is your review of Trump's video for Kim Jong-un?

It looked really well done. Give Trump some credit for a creative thought, and the willingness to see it put into print

10. Do you think we should boycott the media for the Virginia Tech Tragedy for airing the killer's video?

The media and NBC messed this up. If this package was never received, by NBC, in terms of the investigation, it would not have made a difference. All this stuff the police alrady had, it was on his computer im sure. I am sure a lot of this stuff would have come out eventually. But the time is not now. those victims and survivors, its just opening up the wounds and by airing it now so soon, its just giving the killer a bigger audience. We dont need the lasting images from this tragedy to be the killer pointing guns at us. The lasting image needs to be how tech students are comforting each other, candle light vigils, the healing process and overcoming this tragedy.

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