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How Can I Subpeoena a Video Tape From a Business?

you really really need an attorney. s/he will help you through all the steps in the process. very importantly--tell your attorney all the information you have, including the events that led to the assault, the existence of the video tape, and any other relevant information. good luck.

How Can I Subpeoena a Video Tape From a Business? 1

1. What's the meaning of the pictures in te "Cursed Video Tape" from the Ring?

The images on the tape were basically clues, they ended up being things in Samara's loft room and house except for the cliff but that was on the house's property. I just watched the tape and will try to explain each image it shows me. 1. The ring is the view from the well after it's closed. 2. The murky/bloody water appears to be the well water. 3. The Chair was in her room (where more clues are) 4. Mom combing hair in the mirror (the mirror is in the main house) 5. The vision of Samara watching her all creepy and her mom noticing from the mirror. 6. There is a VERY quick shot of a nail with blood on it (i cant recall this meaning) 7. Man looking through window. (her father looking down from the second floor) 8. The cliff (her mother's suicide spot) 9. The rope from the mouth. (perhaps symbolizing choking) 10. Shaky camera shot. (her getting suffocated) 11. Well top closing. (her death) 12. The burning tree. (found burned into Samara's wall as well but the real tree is by the well the sunlight hit the leaves and made them look like fire) 13. The finger and nail. (she loses her fingernails clawing her way out of the well) 14. Maggots (death) 15. Flies (death and possibly rebirth into something else...) 16. Kitchen table with centipede (no effing clue) 17. Three legged lamb (her farm house) 18. Horses eye (she scared the horses and they drowned themselves) 19. Well closing more 20. Box of 7 fingers (this represents 7 days) 21. More tree (Same as before) 22. Her mother looking at the camera (she knows she came back perhaps) 23. Empty window (her father stops paying attention) 24. Chair spinning (no idea things are getting crazy) 25. Long ladder (the ladder leading to her loft of exile) 26. Dead horses in the ocean 27. Mother's suicide on the cliff 28. Ladder falling 29. Well closing completely 30. Shot of the well that she is in, and returns from.

2. Would an VHS video tape bought in the US play in a machine in Canada?

no longer no count if this is a DVD, maximum DVD's are encoded with distinctive areas. us of a/Canada being area a million. even although, there are strategies of becoming a house made reproduction of a DVD this is area-loose

How Can I Subpeoena a Video Tape From a Business? 2

3. i have an old video tape and need to convert it to digital file?

hi below is a reference site on how to do it

4. Can i video tape this lady and not get sued?

You can video tape her but it seems wiser to kick her off your property so she does not bother your customers. If she refuses to leave you can call the cops and order them to kick her off for you. They wo not charge you anything to do that, it is included in the taxes you pay.

5. VHS Copy Films To Another VHS Video Tape?

The same thing. The rightsholders that go after video pirates do not care about the medium, just that they are violating their copyrights

6. can I take my old work place to court?

The problem is that you signed papers admitting the theft and also you stated you even paid back the shortages that they "allegedly" stated was short. So in effect you have admitted to theft. I do find it odd that after starting work and now leaving that many people in the past were either fired or quit due to this problem with the drawer shortage and now that the lady has been caught. If this is truly the case, your only defense would be to get as many of the people together and talk to a lawyer about your legal rights. I am guessing that due to so many people being written up/charged with theft and most likely the manager had access to all of the cash drawers of all of these people, that the company "woke up" and realized that this was not a coincidence and either had video tape or someone else watching her and caught her. But;;;;most likely would need many people to come forward as a group, since you yourself with the signed forms and repayment could be construed as a admission of guilt. good luck

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