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Why Did This Guy Video Tape Me? 10 Points Best Answer!!!!!!!!?

He jacked off to it

Why Did This Guy Video Tape Me? 10 Points Best Answer!!!!!!!!? 1

1. how do i get that green light when i video tape in the dark? is it a part of the camera?

ONLY Sony camcorders with the SuperNightShot mode will provide that infrared LED emitter that gives the green monochrome color in zero-light taping. Not all Sony camcorders have it - so be sure to check the feature sheet and make sure it is there before buying the camcorder

2. Is there a sport where video tape replay should be used where video tape is not currently being used?

I think video re-play should be used in all sports. For my pet peeve, there was a home run charged against the San Francisco Giants in 2002 in Arizona that was seen on TV as the ball hitting the side of the stands that is in foul territory, after which the ball hopped over the fence in fair territory. There is absolutely no way the umpire did see or could have seen it. I think first, before we discuss the team penalty for a "nuisance" challenge, the penalty for the ump is three wrong calls in one week and they get suspended; if they continue to call strikes against certain players (anti-favoritism) when in fact the pitches have been balls they need to get fined. Now for the team challenging incorrectly. If they are challenging while batting I think they should either get one more strike or out added onto their side, or a runner should have to go back one base, or a run subtracted, etc., progressive to the number of incorrect challenges made. More than three frivolous calls in the same game and they forfeit, but only IF the replay clearly shows the ump was right; but no penalty if it is still unclear on the tape and remains a judgment call. If the complaint is lodged by the offense, if incorrect or frivolous, the batting team gets to have a fourth out; second frivolous challenge by same offense (same team) and the runners advance; third call and they forfeit. Any combination of three frivolous or incorrect challenges (one batting, two in the field, etc.) and the team challenging forfeits. A technical challenge such as a late call by an ump that would have allowed runners to advance had they known the timely call, or that would have allowed a catcher to throw out someone when a strike was not called on a full count, would not be subject to punishment, as the facts in question were only disputed because the ump's decision was not communicated to the players in a timely fashion - in such a case the player that should have been thrown out could be considered out in the ump's discretion (or given a stolen base, etc.), much like players that have fan interference sometimes are given a different outcome than just the ground rule double. Now ask me if I think any of this will ever happen.

Why Did This Guy Video Tape Me? 10 Points Best Answer!!!!!!!!? 2

3. NOTES: Are you allowed to video tape your professor TEACHING?

you might want to clear it with the professor first, there may be legal ramifications if you do not

4. How do I copy and edit a family VHS video tape to cd?

you can get it professionally done at some of these transfer places. Or you can purchase a DVR and some blank DVD's and using your stop, pause button on the new DVR edit the VHS tapes yourself.

5. Your fiancee' wont let go of a video tape of him and his ex-girlfriend. I need an answer to this!?


6. Why is it that stores don't allow people to video tape inside?

Advertising and Competition is one reason. Safety, Security, and Lawsuits are another. Lawsuit - Someone might go in to film for a perfectly fine reason, but when they get home, they might have caught something on tape that is illegal or considered highly unacceptable. They could then blackmail the store into paying them to not release the tape, or they could just use the tape in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the company. Filming your competition committing illegal acts is a very common ploy to remove, give a bad name, or tie up your competition with law enforcement investigations and litigation. Security - Film of the interior of a store could be analyzed later to exploit or overcome security measures. Safety - Filming in a store for an acceptable reason could be misused to stalk, embarrass, or do harm to an employee or a customer. Would you want a customer to walk into the restroom and be filming while you are doing your personal business? Someone could also use a film from in the store to blackmail or expose a customer - such as filming someone cheating on their spouse. Finally, most stores are usually on someone else's private property. Do you like it when strangers or their 'guests' come onto your private property and film without permission?

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