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Why Do People Video Tape Women Giving Birth?

For educational purposes. For anyone who wants to see and know and understand what it looks like when a baby is being born. When I was pregnant, I wanted to know what it looked like, after all, that was going to be me. I would never just watch a birth video, whilst non preggo but preggo yes as I was looking for as much information as I could.

Why Do People Video Tape Women Giving Birth? 1

1. can I follow people and video tape them legally?

Not if they are just an ordinary citizen. You could also end up in a hospital!

2. Is it illegal to video tape a cop?

ONLY if you get Caught... :)

Why Do People Video Tape Women Giving Birth? 2

3. How do we start a boycott against NBC for airing the video tape?

Nobody watches NBC for news anyway. Fox cable news rules!!!

4. is it legal for someone to video tape you?

a corporation? or an individual person? If an individual is filming say their baby walking down the street for the first time and you happen to walk by as an "extra" there is nothing at all illegal about that. You can be video tapped by anyone without your permission....but, if they were to use that video and put it somewhere that can be seen by other viewers...ie, theater or internet, they would have to have you sighn a waiver approving its distibution. For corporations, they generally put signs up advising everyone that there is video survalience. Also you can go on Google earth, download live feed and see footage of someone going from work home...and that is perfectly legal. Also everytime you get pulled over by a Police officer and their lights are on you are being filmed by the camera in the cop car...thats where "cops" comes from!

5. Can I video tape my teacher and not be in trouble?

I am in Southern CA. You would be in trouble at my school if you did

6. Did you see Al Sharpton tell O'Reilly that he saw racial and sexual slurs on actual video tape at last week's?

Al's not too bright he probably was looking in the mirror and thought it was the TV

7. Why do Muslim extremists video-tape their atrocities?

I imagine for the same reason other psychopathic killers do.......they get off on it. I do not even know what his religion is or if he has one. Please try to stick to the subject of the question asked.

8. Can you Video Tape World Landmarks to later broadcast andor sell?

Here's how to get inside the Circle at Stonehenge

9. Are you allowed to video tape a ride at Disneyland California?

I've been there only once, and the thing about Disney parks is that they are more lenient when it comes to filming on most attractions, while the Non-Disney theme parks do not allow filming on any of their rides (very few exceptions may apply) for safety reasons. While filming is allowed on many rides at DCA, some rides do not allow any filming, not for safety reasons, but often due to copyright concerns, such as attractions where a movie is played

10. Is it illegal to video tape people in public areas?

No, it's not illegal to tape people in public places. I believe it is illegal to record their voices without their knowledge, however. I could be wrong. Where the law comes in is if you use the tape for commercial use or for other kind of profit.

11. Is it illegal to video tape a freight train ?

As long as you are not trespassing, you can video tape anything you want. Of course they are going to tell you that you can not video tape their train, they are breaking the laws and do not want any evidence

12. Is this weird for my dog to do?

Video tape it and send it in to funnyest home videos. Sorry never hurd of a dog doing that.

13. is it illegal to video tape someone without them knowing?

Not if it is the owner and Management doing it for various reasons but most concerning employee dishonesty and has no other means to catch the dishonest employee. Youre right in that NO taping can be done in the Restrooms or Dressing Rooms for Laws prohibit it. So yes under certain circumstances this is legal, but a regular employee cannot tape another employee without permission of the Management and/or Owner.

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