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Why Doctors Might Video Tape You ?

As long as you were with him the whole time. I heard cases where doctors took nude videos of children and molested them while parents were in the waiting room. Stay with your child at all times

Why Doctors Might Video Tape You ? 1

1. anything thats funny, random, and cool to video tape?

People falling over. animals doing stupid things

2. its my babys 1st bday party and im throwing him a huge party but i feel like im missing ideas!!!?

Well I think you have everything there, but like the other poster said you can have balloon twisters, face painters, etc. Since it's his first birthday and he wont remember it, you should hire a photographer and someone to video tape important moments. that way you wont have to worry about taking pictures and video the whole time and you will be able to enjoy everything also, a hoola hoop competition would be nice for the kids. also a painting contest or something. a cool idea would be that the kids get to decorate their own cookie or cupcake with frosting a sprinkles

Why Doctors Might Video Tape You ? 2

3. How do I video tape myself playing my ipad?

ONe camera pointing at ipad, on camera pointing at yourself

4. can I follow people and video tape them legally?

In public, yes. You cannot PUBLISH your tapes unless they are of a "public figure". For instance, you cannot follow a pretty girl around taping her and then publish the results without her consent ... unless she is a public figure (such as Paris Hilton who, in public, has no expectation of privacy). Note that you can record both audio and video as long as the person you are recording is aware of it. In fact, only one person in a conversation has to be aware that that conversation is being recorded (and of course, nobody involved in a conversation needs to know it is being recorded if there is an appropriate warrant). Showing the results to another person, however, does not constitute publishing - even if you are paid to do it (otherwise, Private investigators could not exist). There are some states that require you to be licensed to act as a private investigator, though I would imagine different states have different litmus tests to decide what behavior would actually require a license. However - just because you have the legal right to do something does not mean that some upset boyfriend is not going to haul one off on you. And of course, if the person being followed knows you are following them and has some claim that it is annoying, you can be injoined (forbidden) by a court to do so with a TRO (temporary restraining order).

5. Is it illegal to video tape small children at the park?

Sure--tape mine--I will be the guy you capture on film locking and loading and aiming--at you. And I am gonna pull the film out and hang you with it!

6. I want to video tape the birth but hospital won't allow it?

well that sucks. yes you could change hospitals that should not be a problem. good luck & congrats. if i were you i would change hospitals if i truly wanted the video. which i would. :] but never heard of that problem. but i guess some hospitals are just like that. just like some ultrasound places wo not give you a video

7. How can I get my husband to watch a christian video tape with me?

>>i do no longer see how this remarkable tale would properly be a accident. How can a guy have a feeling that he replaced into going to die, make a video recording his final needs, and then particular adequate, die 4 months later?> it relatively is like God knew all alongside, and so he spoke to the guy in a dream and led him to make the video that would desire to hold convenience to his spouse and teenagers. >on account that i actually do no longer see the way it relatively is defined different than being a real occasion of how God works/strikes in our lives.

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