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How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Under Sliding Closet Doors?

Installing Sliding Closet Doors

How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Under Sliding Closet Doors? 1

1. can you hide asbestos tiles with laminate flooring?

You are fine to cover over it. In fact it is the safest way to deal with it. Removal will disturb the particles that are harmful to your health and they may be blown everywhere instead of contained to the flooring they are a part of at this time. Be sure to use the membrane underlayment with the new laminate and taping the edges will not hurt to keep the asbestos in place. As a tenant the entire project it seems would be the owners responsibility and not yours though

2. How many packs of laminate flooring do I need to cover a floor 14ft x 11ft?

14 x 11 = 154 ft2 How many ft2 in a pack? Divide that into 154 and make sure you have at least 10% extra for waste and cuts etc

How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Under Sliding Closet Doors? 2

3. Can you replace wall to wall carpet with a bunch of area rugs?

aha !.....after i discovered the wonders of having kids.i soon found out that replacing carpets with laminate flooring was a far far better solution.. laminate flooring offers varying styles ,and colours of woods and is generally cheaper than carpets. ..........easy to install yourself and easier to clean and replace

4. is laminate flooring good to put on top of floor heating?

Tiles are fine for this, as is Allure Vinyl Planking from Trafficmaster. I have used this over infloor heating and it has lasted really well over the last four winters. As for who to ask for info...you can talk to the person who installed the infloor heat or you can research yourself on the internet as to what is best to conduct heat..and choose from that. I would not use laminate at all over infloor.

5. What can I use as a playpen for dwarf hamsters?

Large card board boxes are cheap and work well, though you may want to put something on the bottom of it to keep it from getting spoiled (like a square of laminate flooring) Other than that you can get playpens at petstores, though they can get pricey

6. we installed laminate flooring in laundry room & now washer vibrates.?

The washer or the floor is unlevel, and the washer feet need to be adjusted. Either that, or the washer/load of laundry is unbalanced and throwing the washer around. Did this happen only 1 time, or with different loads. Only asking b/c sometimes the type of laundry in there throws the balance off, like big items or overloading the washer

7. In a room with "round" corner, how do you install laminate flooring?

do not use glueon laminate flooring and yes it can be done simply cut a template using cardboard and use a jigsaw to cut the laminate pieces and yes they will snap together however the molding will take a touch to make my suggestion is to call a flooring company that specializes in laminate flooring they will know how to do it and as far as the Orange Box saying it can not be done they are correct can not be done by there guys not experienced enough to do this kind of job lol they are and will alwys be a joke they should stick to selling and leave installs to competent contractors

8. Can you successfully place laminate flooring over ceramic tile.?

The only type of laminate flooring that you can do this with a tile floor below it would be a floating floor...Armstorng and others have such a product...any other laminate florring needs to be nailed to the floor....good luck

9. 14 Great Tips For The Best DIY Laminate Flooring Installation

14 Great Tips For The Best DIY Laminate Flooring Installation Laminate floors have currently emerged out as a trendy and quality flooring option. Importantly, these are even the perfect DIY flooring solutions for you and can embellish your home like no other. So are you looking to install high-quality laminate floors all yourself in your house? If so, here we have brought a few handy tips and tricks which would turn your laminate flooring installation job a lot easier: Installation of Flooring Material: Measuring Your Floors:Measuring your floors is the first step and the key to your success. You need to be correct on every inch while measuring, and this should be followed by calculating the total square area utmost accurately. Preparing The Floors: Preparing your sub-floors is also a critical step. The surface should be clean and free from dirt etc. If you already have carpet flooring, you need to remove this before installing EGGER or LOC Floors etc. Tools That You Need:It's necessary to get some important tools such as a measuring tape, marking pencil, spacers, hacking saw with blades and the safety equipment etc. Preparing The Underlay:You may need the assistance of a laminate flooring supplier in this. The experts can help you in getting a suitable underlay which prevents moisture etc. from reaching the floors. Ensure Your Direction:For the best results, you need to install the laminate floors in a direction parallel to the longest wall of the room or the direction of the incoming light. Ensure The First Row To Be Perfect:While installing, your first ever row is similar to a foundation which determines the alignment of all the other rows. Needless to mention, you need to measure and align it well, ensuring it to be utmost perfect. When Installing The Floors:You need to keep track of the flooring pattern and spread the dark patches evenly till they offer a great appearance. Besides, a 10mm expansion gap is necessary to be left by using the spacers. Do Not Apply Too Much Force:Though the laminate floors can be clipped into each other too easily,if they do not , do not force it. There could be some obstacle in the way. When Installing The Last Row: While you are installing the last row, assemble it in length and clip it in place. Once this is done, you can initiate installing the trims which cover the expansion gap. When Installing Under Doors:If suppose your laminate flooring continues across the doorway, you may consider leaving a gap between the two rooms. And this transition could be facilitated with the help of a transition strip under the door which allows a better flexibility on the laminate floors. The Tape You Use:The underlay may need to be taped,but you cannot use just any tape that you have. Used specialised tapes as recommended by underlay manufacturers. Beware Of Temperature And Humidity:Laminate floors could be subjected to expansion and contraction during variations in temperature and humidity. Keep track of this. How To Protect Yourself: Ensure to protect your eyes, hands, and knees with the help of safety goggles, gloves,and knee pads respectively. Consult The Experts:If you are not too confident about the flooring materials, installation, or anything relating the process, you need to consult the experts or get the job done by them. The bottom-line is, if you are installing the laminate floors yourself, it is important to adhere to the important guidelines and follow the above tips well to ensure great outcomes. For more help, Call Prime Floors to get the best assistance with respect to laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and similar other flooring assistance at very affordable prices.

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