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Is It More/ Less Expensive to Recondition a Hardwood Floor Or Cover It with Low End Laminate Floorin

to answer the question.... more expensive to recondition but much more beautiful in the long run

Is It More/ Less Expensive to Recondition a Hardwood Floor Or Cover It with Low End Laminate Floorin 1

1. Can you use the shark steamer on pergo laminate flooring?

I have a shark steamer and I stopped it for a second on our solid oak floors, and made a mark. I would be very careful using it on a pergo floor. I know it says you can, but those things get very hot. And pergo flooring has very little covering on the top layer. You could try it, but do like I do, keep my little plastic step stool and when I stop now for just a second, I sit it on the step stool. I will not let it rest on the floor for a second. Every time you push it, it makes more steam. They are fine for sheet vinyl floors

2. How do I ensure my concrete floor is "flat" for laminate flooring?

Well you might try a 6 ft level, or at a home store purchase a heavy gague aluminum straight edged piece of corner mold. Obviously in a large area you should know that its base is as level as possible no matter. "High Spots" are those areas to level UP TO, not grind away. Minor depressions can easily be "floated in" with a Thin Set or similar, mortar type underlayment. Certainly over that expanse you may have to work in smaller areas at a time, much like you will when installing any kind of flooring, and any "Underlayment" in the form of a padding material will certainly help with those depressions 1/16th inch or less. "Perfection" might only be a process that involves "tolerance", "acceptance", some minor "compromises", and in the end enjoy the floor as the end result rather than the process to achieve the "enjoy". Without question, Perfection is a valid issue to "strive" for. Steven Wolf

Is It More/ Less Expensive to Recondition a Hardwood Floor Or Cover It with Low End Laminate Floorin 2

3. What are some good natural materials that are can be used in kitchens?

Laminate flooring is fine in a kitchen, it just cannot have any water laying on it for any length of time because of the swelling aspect and you would have to replace that. I had it in one of my houses and had no problems with it at all. I found it durable

4. I have laminate flooring in my living room and I really wanted a darker wood floor, can I stain it?

You can not stain laminate flooring. You will have to replace it if you want to change the color. Good luck

5. Can I use Tarkett laminate Flooring in my bathroom?

I've put it in two bathrooms - one is a halfbath, the other a full bathroom. Both are doing fine. I sealed the seems and sealed the 1/4 inch gap with expandable sealant. Did them both over a year ago and they are doing fine.

6. How should I seal a gap between Pergo laminate flooring and Shoe molding?

Hi, cayello. Standard install for a floating laminate floor includes about a 1/4" gap at the walls, to allow for expansion/contraction. Sounds like whoever put it down got a little lazy and did not pull the moulding first, which would have kept the gap under the 'shoe once reinstalled. Whatever, as that still leaves a gap. Shift to chemical warfare. A decent pesticide spray, like Ortho's "Home Defence" will kill the pests and leave a residue to keep them gone for the season.

7. Is it possible to install laminate flooring over ceramic tile and preserve the integrity of the tile?

I have installed several laminates over tile. This does not in any way damage the tile but may cause some other small issues. Firstly, the doorjambs will have to be recut, so when you remove the laminate there will be a pretty sizable gap. Also if the room is a bathroom the perimeter of your laminate floor must be sealed with silicone, which will settle onto your tile and be a pain to remove later. Laminate will be very kind to your tile and if you do not mind the extra height, there's no reason not to use it

8. Help...My house smells like dogs!?

Can you sprinkle the carpet with good old baking soda and vacuum? We had this problem too, ended up ripping up all the carpet and spending thousands of dollars on laminate flooring. Now the dog can pee wherever she wants and I do not care. She was abused, so she has potty training issues. So I just clean it up and go on my business

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