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How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor?

You need a sharp scraping tool that you can stand up and put alot of strength into it!

How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor? 1

1. What are the tools I need to install my laminate flooring?

Here is a small list of the tools you will require to install laminate flooring; Hammer Craft knife or "Utility knife" Measuring Tape T-Square Pencil Saws: table, miter, circular, hand, jigsaw Drill Sealant gun for applying adhesives or sealant to trims, etc. Screwdrivers

3. How do I ensure my concrete floor is "flat" for laminate flooring?

To use the string method you need a length of strong string and a tool called a line level . The line level cost's under 5 bucks . What you do is anchor one end of the string to the wall at a specific height using whole numbers- [If you use 3' you can use a 4' level to insure that you have a perpendicular measurement to the floor ] hook the line level on the string and with the help of an assistant stretch the string to the opposite wall. When the string is level ,anchor it. You now have a level line across the room. Take your tape measure and measure the distance from the line to the floor along various points. Record on a piece of graph paper , change locations and repeat as needed. You will wind up with a topographical profile of your floor.

How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor? 2

5. Hardwood Floor or laminate flooring I have a boxer dog?

Hardwood is always preferable to laminate if you can afford it. Scratches can be easily sanded out and/or restained. That can not be done with laminate. I am a stickler for the real stuff, so if you can afford to have it laid and then stained, as opposed to the pre-finished variety, it will last a lifetime AND stand up to you pooch. Not only that, it adds to your equity. I am an interior designer and have worked with many homes built in the '20s and before. In almost every case, the hardwood floors are original and often only require minimal repair.

7. will i have to remove trim/panel around bottom wall in order to install laminate flooring?

You will either have to remove just the trim ( base) , or add a 1/4 round ( shoe molding) to the base after to cover the gap needed that must be left around any solid or fixed fixture to allow any laminate to float, move, expand and contract. REmoving it must be done with care as not to break it. But these can be reused, even given a new look with fresh paint if you d like or replace w/ new and stained, All up to you. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. I ve attended several seminars on installation , as well as installed a few 100,000 s/f.. GL

8. Is laminate flooring hard to keep clean?

Usually it is very easy to keep clean. However there are various qualities of laminate. A cheap one might discolor easy. Textured will hide dust and has to be vacuumed. Some are better than others. It is more durable than any flooring except vinyl. The better quality laminates can withstand harder impacts without scratching than any hardwood. And they wo not discolor in the next decade like hardwood definitely will.

9. Installing bamboo laminate flooring with padding built in and pieces won't fit together well....?

I installed 'swift lock' a couple of years ago and it has the backing also. The 48 hr waiting period is for temp. acclamation and expansion. Fitting the pieces together is not bad once you get the hang of it. You have to get the butt ends of two pieces to be even before you can attach them to a row. The challenge is the long runs of four or more boards. It would have been easier if I had help..tough for one person. Good luck, I love mine.

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