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My Cat Keeps Spraying and I Don't Know How to Stop Him?

Yep yep and good luck with the smell. he is basically marking his turf. having a cat neutered does not necessarily mean he wont be able to spray he is trying to stand his ground saying yo this is my house I am the boss now do one! You just need to really scrub the carpet or even better get laminate flooring!

My Cat Keeps Spraying and I Don't Know How to Stop Him? 1

1. how to remove rug backing residue from wood laminate flooring?

lacquer thinner should do the trick. use a micro-fiber cloth for best results. good luck

2. Is there a big difference between 8mm and 10mm laminate flooring?

10mm Laminate Flooring

My Cat Keeps Spraying and I Don't Know How to Stop Him? 2

3. Just a Statement on laminate flooring in kitchens/bathrooms?

I agree 100% with the original comment. Also the new Mannington Adura is a great alternative to laminate flooring. It has the look of real wood, is next to impervious to moisture, you can rack it out like real hardwood, and you can replace 1 piece at a time if necessary. I also despise the acoustical qualities of laminates. They sound as horrible as they look, and for the lady in Florida that had the leak with no problems, that's because the foam underlay soaked up the moisture. Call an industrial hygienist to come take air quality checks. You may have a mold problem! The foam is what causes 90% of the problems associated with laminates, the other 10% is the pressed particle board composition. It is just a poorly thought out product.

4. How can I cut laminate flooring?

The Dremel Multi-Max is the tool for what you want to do. After you have one, you will find many other uses for it. I own one and it has stood up under heavy use. It's one of those tools that once you own one, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It does the same job as a Fein and a Rockwell, with the double advantage of being less costly and the blades are much more available. (Home Depot and Lowes)

5. Any tips on cleaning laminate flooring?

Never put ammonia on laminate flooring! Despite what many people think this could actually break down the laminate over time, so please ignore these answers if you want your laminate to last. I have written several blogs and laminate cleaning guides, and it is actually a very simple upkeep. There are some very good products on the market such as Shaw's R2x hard surface cleaner and Armstrong hardwood and laminate cleaning systems available just about anywhere. Below is the link to a friend of mines blog on the Armstrong cleaning system. To touch on ruining your floor with a light mist, no you will not ruin it, in fact i use a swiffer and let my laminate flooring air dry. This is coming from someone who eats, sleeps and breathes all types of flooring. It's my job, I hope this helps, good luck to you and yours!

6. Can I use Tarkett laminate Flooring in my bathroom?

can i use tarkett vinyl in bathroom

7. Hardwood Floor or laminate flooring I have a boxer dog?

hardwood floor defiantly

8. do I need moisture barrier under a basic wood floor before installing Laminate Flooring?

Can you do anything about that moisture ? It's not a good idea . A sheet of plastic under your laminate is highly recommended anyway

9. Any ideas on how to install laminate flooring on steps when the stair nose isn't thick enough?

If you do not want to trim the excess tread showing under the stair nose you can paint or stain the unfinished wood to match the laminate flooring OR cover the lip with a strip of laminate to butt up against the stair nose, you can notch a strip the full length of the stair to cover the unfinished wood. Check with the company you bought the laminate flooring from, they may have add'l trim pieces to fill in the area

10. I need to remove a section of carpet in my living room to lay laminate flooring at the entrance, any advice?

I did this exact same project a couple years ago. You will need a piece of tack strip cut to the width that you are cutting out of the carpet. Measure and cut the carpet along the edge where the laminate is going, I used a razor knife. Pull up and discard the carpet and lay your laminate flooring. To make the transition from the laminate to the carpet, I used a piece of threshold where one side butts up against the laminate and the other is notched along the length so that the carpet edge is under the threshold. Cut back the carpet edge so that it fits under the threshold, do not install the threshold yet. Now peel back the carpet 2 or 3 inches and nail down the tack strip. Pull the carpet as tightly as you can toward the laminate and push down onto the tack strip. Install the threshold piece to make the transition and screw it down, countersinking the screws. Cut dowels to fill the countersink screw holes and you are good to go

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