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Will an American NTSC Video Tape Play in a UK Pal Player?

No. The two systems are not compatible

Will an American NTSC Video Tape Play in a UK Pal Player? 1

1. Did I accidentally video tape a ghost face?

ghost or shadow of the ghost, by accident or just the right time, you can catch them in camera or in video. it happen to us also. we are all surprised seeing a white image, after we develop the film, we are not contented, we transfered it to computer and there it was. our video glass is clean , no smear, the place-our house, no reason to have those image, our house is well lighted, not a reflection of anything. in your video it maybe true, you accidentally captured the ghost. now its confirmed that theres ghost in your house. im not scaring you

2. what do you do when a cop comes up to you in a park and video tape you and take pics of you?

If it's legal to open carry, then do not do anything. You are not breaking any laws. If you live in a state where it requires your consent before someone records you, then ask them to stop recording (which you should do anyways if you do not want to be recorded, politely) and then later on file a complaint/report on the incident.

Will an American NTSC Video Tape Play in a UK Pal Player? 2

3. How did people photograph or video tape the destruction of the World Trade Center?

The twin towers is a major tourist attraction so there were many tourists with cameras and video cameras around. After the first plane hit, there were news crew on the scene before the 2nd one hit. They were filming the flaming first building and then you saw the second one going for the other building. There were also security cameras from other buildings that filmed it too. I saw one footage where a reporter was on the scene and he was interviewing a bystander, and you saw the 2nd plane hit the other tower right behind him. He and the bystander ducked for cover. It was horrible.

4. Is it illegal for a teacher to video tape students in high school without permission?

we started videoing students without their knowledge back in 98 to try and teach them about themselves, sometimes when you view yourself from the outside looking in you can see the changes that may need to happen. Unfortunatly the courts felt otherwise and we were not allowed back in the girls changing rooms again and our website was shutdown immediatly

5. Why do people video tape women giving birth?

I have no idea. I do not plan on letting anyone record or take pictures when I have my little boy in May. I am way too private for that. And I do not want a tape of me screaming, and bleeding, and all that. But, neither am I allowing anyone into the room except my doctor, nurse, and husband. I can not understand why anyone would want to watch that, "shudder", or let someone else watch!

6. Can you record videos from cable onto a video tape if you bought it with a movie on it?

I think what you are asking is how to re-write over a factory recorded VHS cassette. Correct? If you compare the factory tape to a new blank cassette, you will notice a place (on the left front edge) where the factory tape is missing a small square plastic tab that is still present on the blank. The absence of the tab write-protects the tape and also causes the machine to automatically go to play mode when the cassette is put in. Cover that hole with a piece of tape (does not matter if it is clear tape or not) and you are ready to record over whatever was there. To protect your home movies you have on blank VHS tapes, break out the tab after recording. The same applies to audio cassettes. Enjoy

7. Will an American NTSC video tape play in a UK Pal player?

previous uk video gamers will in easy terms play pal. Later fashions must be set to play NTSC. i am bowled over that anybody remains utilizing VHS and that i stay in New Zealand, seen by potential of many to be in the back of the cases!

8. Does the NFL want us to think that the Patriots are the only ones that video tape opponents signs?

Exactly! If that was the case then why does every NFL coach cover his mouth when he talks when calling a play into his headset? EVERY coach does it! It's because they know someone is trying to read their lips or tape them just as his team is doing to his opponent. The NFL should have figured this out a long long time ago

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